Thai commercial , WHY the Brainless Unethical one keep coming?! WTF!

Brainless Unethical Thai commercial keep coming! 

thai commercial

Thai commercial, during the digital era, have been exposive emerged. This sentence can be visually proved by yourself. Expecially the commercials that really very popular among chinese people. I don’t need to tell you about it but I believe that you have already recognized.


However, there are two sides of a coin. We are still facing the poorly brainless produced Thai commercial.




As a Thai people, sometimes we kind of too much overlook somethings. Sometimes, we think of something as funny, hilarious, joke but we overlook that someone is being hurt or something is getting worst. Esspecially, people who are in the field of media industrial which any actions of them can create consequences no matter what. 



Recently, if you have watching Thailand digital tv channel lately, you may see an advertising Thai commercial about supplementary drinks that has a famous actress taking the main role in it. I have brought you, here, the video about it for you to consider. 




If you are watching this Thai commercial without any concentration, you won’t see anything strange. But I will point out how it is so brainless and unethical advertising production.


Thai Commercials


First clip, you will see the original version which you can see the elder who was being looked at in the sense of disgusting plus a little scared of her. Later on, the young woman asked her “who are you?”.


The elder replied that she is her (who asking). Then, this young woman realized that with drinking the commercial product can prevent her to be as same as her-elder-self. Suddenly, while woman is drinking, something (which is like a lot of fruity) falls badly into the elder head.



Here is my point of view about it. This supports the hatred of old people, elder or silver aged. With the looking from young woman’s eyes to her-old-self, she so strongly stated the point “the hatred” I am talking about. Moreover, there are tons of aggressive harassment as you can see from many things those throwing at the old people.


This, Thai commercial, the cut version can be seen (on Thailand Digital TV channel 23) regularly but cut doesn’t help at all. Sense of hatred is still on.


Why you are doing this? This is my question from my true Thai heart. Actually, there are thousand ways for you to communicate the benefit of your product. I don’t understand why you picked the way of “hatred”. You (the producer) are teaching people to hate the old one and also hate herself in the future. This is so brainless and unethical of Thai commercial ads.


Thai Commercial


To make my point making more sense, there is one Thai commercial which f__ing sucks just like the one you have just watched above. This poorly commercial, have also mentioned the hatred but this hatred is presenting by aggressive harassment action in front of the innocent eyes of a child.



Here is the clip, you will see mother and son they are sitting beside a man playing as mosquito. Suddenly, mother hardly smashed a man with a tin can of insect killer spray in front of her son.


You might get my point now. Why producers and creatives who in charge of this Thai commercial want mother and son committing the violence together. You (the producer) want people assaults other with no mercy, for what reason?? I so confused.   



Finally, all points, I have made so far, they are only my point of view. The view from one of Thai people who want to see Thai people in Thai society in the country called Thailand, the land of smile, peaceful and wonderful for every Thais and also visitors, to be peaceful and be a great place for Thais to stay in.



So I just want to write this article to see if anyone agree with me that we should stop the coming for more of these kind of brainless unethical Thai commercial.


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